Most gamers love racing games as everyone loves the thrill and adrenaline they get by driving a car at 140 KPH. If you grew up playing the totally crazy driving simulation game Midtown Madness or the classic Need for Speed II, there's a good chance that you're still into racing games. Over the years, gamers have seen some incredibly great bus driving unblocked games and there have been some poor ones as well. But if we take a glance back, which games will make it to the list of the best ever? Here's a list of the few titles that changed the world of driving games for good.


Gran Turismo 6

With more than a thousand cars, tons of challenges and a drifting mechanism to die for, Gran Turismo 6 game is a must-play for all racing gamers.

Need for Speed: Underground

Released in 2003, Need for Speed: Underground took the PC gaming world by a storm with its extreme modification options and career mode. Selling over 15 million copies, NFS: Underground was so successful that it inspired a sequel.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

It's hard to believe that this game was released back in 2005 as the realistic graphics and car physics of this game are one of the best EA has ever developed.

Forza Motorsport 4

Be it the visual effects, the Autovista mode, or the customization options, this game is a treat for all motorsport fans.

Burnout Paradise

It's fair to say this title is the best of all the Burnout games. With great gameplay and modes, there isn't much about this game that is not worth loving.

Project CARS


Project CARS is an authentic and intense racing game that is not for everyone. It offers a hardcore racing experience that can be technically-advanced but beautiful if you're a true motorsport fan.