Penalty fever is a highly favorable computer game featuring a virtual simulation of a normal soccer shoot players, while the players focus on scoring as much goals as they could. In the game, one will be offering an opportunity to take up the challenge of switching between roles against scoring. The mechanics of playing this game necessitate alternating between the back sides of the net to secure the next kick prior to returning to the box assuming the role of a striker. Winning in the game stipulated skilful mix of defense as well as striking skills, which successfully help in the collection of points constituting the high score. Success is based on the player’s agility to maneuver the ball and hitting the target. In the same manner, while securing for the squad, one uses all the moves that could make a best save. This necessitates strategies, a little bit trick and leap to ward off the ball from going towards the back of the net.

Excellent strategies of penalty fever

Penalty fever game offers the list of goals for the credit of either side in the big scores. On reaching a particular aggregate over the opponents during the specified time of play, one’s team will be declared as the winner. This game is also being played at championship level that will be still more interesting, where a certain number of teams challenge to grab a crown. The player chooses a side for which to guide and direct throughout the complete shoot out. At times, when there are draws, championship may progress into various stages. This championship can be the prime attraction of all sides focused on winning it. This makes the game tournament difficult to be crackled. There are around 10 levels that can be chosen for the squad.

Rules to be followed while playing penalty fever

Penalty fever unblocked features a certain set of rules. For instance, the scores that the different scorers have accumulated through their precise reach of targets support the teams to win without having to depend on the goals alone. Number of saves in each team also considers determining the better side particularly while the action is very tight to establish a distinction in the featured sides. At certain times, deciding the winner can be quite a job that makes it important for a side to win the tournaments to make it on the top of the list and win the cup. This calls for various maneuvers that can separate between desired teams narrowly. At playing level, it necessitates dexterous use of hands with the keyboard as well as mouse as controls. There will be guidelines on methods to take a shot by clicking at the ball and also by switching to defense mode.


Players need to pick their desirable club and direct them to grab the title of the penalty shoot-out challenge. To shoot appropriately, you must make double clicks. First click is to make your team move at the ball and at the same time, it defines where a player in your team focuses on shooting if no second click is done.