Being a mystery and adventure lover, I feel like some novels are so well written that it makes the reader want to be a part of it. For this reason, there should be video games for novels like these.

Angels and Demons

The story of the book goes as Robert Langdon solves the mystery to unravel the path of illumination. This story will make a compelling game, featuring various scenarios of the Vatican City. The game can also include puzzles to solve the encrypted meaning behind Galileo's poetry. Similar to the novel, the game can focus on the four elements: fire, water, earth and air.

Deception Point

With Rachel Sexton as the protagonist, Deception Point can be one of the most fantastic adventure games. The game can feature other characters in the Arctic Circle who are injured or killed one by one, except for Rachel and Michael. For the sake of diversity, the game can be made more intriguing if Rachel saves all other characters and thus, ends up finding the meteorite below the Arctic Circle.

Cuckoo's Calling

Cuckoo's Calling can be made into an ultimate mystery game, where Detective Strike is hired to find the murderer of a famous model. The game can feature every character that Strike interviews and leaving it to the gamer to decide and reach the killer. To add more to the game, the character of Robin can be introduced as the player, where the player helps Strike solve the case.

The Hound of the Baskervilles


Although there are other games that feature Sherlock Holmes, adventure games for The Hound of the Baskervilles should be developed. The story goes as Detective Holmes looks for the murderer of Sir Charles Baskerville. The game can be made with excellent sound effects and lively full motion video.