How hard do you work every day? Well, you don’t have to analyze it all up as if your brain gets tired, you’ve actually worked really hard. This is where you realize that you need it to rest and you need it to get all fresh again. But do you ever wonder how you can do that? Well, there are different answers to that question and the one that we’ve got for you is gaming. Gaming has been around for quite some time now and it takes the real trouble out of your brain to relax. When the mind is involved in something that makes it relax and happy, it automatically performs very well. This is how you realize that gaming can be very important to relax. If you aren’t a big fan of gaming you can stay away from consoles and start out small.

Flash games have been in the market for quite a while now and they are very easy to use and play with. These flash games used to be available on only one or two websites back in the day but now have took all over the internet. They’re no less any of the big league console games as they too have a fun story to tell and fun moves to try out. They even come in a story line in which the games are linked together. Today we’re going to talk about one such game that has took over the market very easily and we call it infiltrating the airship. The game is no new to the crowd as the crowd has loved different earlier versions of the game from way before you can even imagine. There’s ‘stealing the diamond’, there’s also ‘breaking the bank’ and how can we forget ‘escaping the prison’. This line of flash games has invaded the industry completely. There’s no way you can’t get addicted to this thing! Let us elaborate more on the game.


Henry stickman is the main character of the game and the adrenaline junkie that Henry is, he gets into different situations in different games. Infiltrating the airship has a newer story to it where for the first time Henry is in the air doing something he hasn’t really done before and that’s fixing an airship. After a weird battle, Henry finds himself trapped on an airship that he has to save before it it’s the ground.

Controls and Usage


The controls and usage is pretty much the same as the other games and provides everyone with a good and fast movements. Easy to use controls with 4 buttons handling makes this an even better game that most of them out there. All you have to do is keep your mind in the game and you will enjoy this game more than any one of your past favorites. The game has the potential to become the flash game of the year and we want you to try it. Download and play Infiltrating the Airship today!