One of the most entertaining flash games online now is my friend Pedro. There are plenty of flash games online and in all probability you are bored of playing those games over and over again. Well, this game is very unique and also funky in the way that it has got a cool game play and story line. This game is not suitable for infants. Teenagers would love this game, though an adult should play this game. This is because the game comprises of shoot outs and shows slum or red alert area where there are plenty of gangsters.


Who is Pedro?

First and foremost, pedro is a banana which will guide you and be your friend throughout the game. It will keep moving with you like a cursor. This guide could have been anything and in this game, it happens to be a banana. Many messages will pop up from this banana and through those messages; it will teach you how to play this game initially.


Main Player

You happen to be a specialist in gun killing. But you have undergone some medical intoxication which either can be due to addiction or due to the side effect of a prescribed medicine. This part of the story has not been described clearly. Whatever the reason might be, as a matter of fact, due to the intoxication, you have slowed down in movement and keep dozing. Good thing about this intoxication is that due to the slowed down movement, you can perform many slow speed movement. This is an advantage in cases where you will encounter gangsters in a group.



Main controls of my friend pedro are W, A, S, D and mouse left click. Sometimes you might need to use shift. So there is no complexity in controls. There are certain moves given to the player which are to some extent supernatural. But any way, who would like to play a game which has no power like that of a super hero and no thrill. Your quest for knowing the upcoming events of the game will make you addictive.



One of the good things about my friend pedro game is that you can log into this game using your mail id and then save your game. This feature is not available for all flash games. Main reason behind the popularity of flash games is that you can play it in any standard computer with no high end specifications. Flash games require an active internet connection with a smooth browser and adobe flash player plug-in. Also you do not have to install the game in every computer you play.

my friend pedro game

Gameplay of My Friend Pedro

You can play it in your home desktop, office laptop, friend’s computer, anywhere with an internet connection. The game, my friend Pedro, you will get many weapons with the passage of time and your health will keep decreasing if you are hit by enemies’ bullet. You need to collect medicine packs to boost your health again. Do try out my friend pedro if you have not because you will get addicted to it.