Teen titans go are a cartoon series which were released in 24 may, 2006 and it is compatible with Play station 2 and game club. It was also developed for Xbox platform on November 13, 2006.The game includes teen titans namely, Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy. It is the story game which is categorized in action game in many websites. Each of the Titans available in the game has their unique style to fight that player can select any one. When playing the game player can switch between any players.

The teen titan go games Include about 31 unblockable characters also the player fight against each other with changing the game mode. Many actors available in the game have the unique voice according to the actors from the show.

Features of Titans

5 players are in the game, and they have a unique style of fighting and different dress ups.


Robin is a zippiest titan in the game, and he uses punches and kicks to combat with an opponent. Also, he has double jump feature which helps while fighting.


She is all rounder in fighting that her fighting style consist strikes and close range blows and her ranged attack is based on telekinesis.  The player wants to select her because her titan attack can cover whole room which is best for fighting.


His melee attack includes punches, but it has a special power that is sonic cannon. This super power makes him very fast which is better for fighting or saving owns self from enemies.


She is a great range titan who includes special power in their fighting style. Her range attack includes Starbolts which causes huge damage to the enemy. She also shoots enemies quickly as compare to other. Because of these properties, a player tends to select her.

Beast Boy

He does not have any fighting specialty but can include simple punches while fighting. Except for the simple punches, he can transform to the monkey and through bananas on the enemy, and he also can transform to the werewolf with strong breath and also he can jump double like a Robin.

Video games are very common to play, and their demand is increasing continuously. You can use computer and play station for playing different games. Fighting games are very people that player can select one of the favorite cast in the game. Teen titan go games are the first choice of the player to play PC games.


After the Teen Titan comic book, the teen titan games are developed. To play it, you have to find the best online site. According to the comic game, the Cyborg and Beast Boy receives video game in the mail, and they try to play the game. They placed in into the game’s world and had to face different levels. They figure out various levels to go home, and on a journey, they met with Robin. Robin is not a culprit. After breaking next wall, they find different players as well as some enemies. Teen titan go games are best and a favorite game that you can play it through online mode.