How to earn revenue with flash games?

As in today’s scenario each and every one loves to play games over their smartphones or computer or in play stations. More than playing in the pay ground people sit before the computer and play. There is more fun in playing online games. As the technology developers started inventing games by new means, online games became famous. The browser games made way for the games market to boost and this slowly became a profit producing business.

Starting from single player concept, multi-player gaming environment was another concept in developing web based graphical games using flash or java. This made the games more complex, thus the evolution of flash games. The flash games were initially started in 1980s as a single player games. Nowadays there are complex games.

How to make profits by flash games?

It is quite simple to earn money in the online video games. All that is done is one invents the games and others pay in order to play it. Many a times there are producers, retailers etc. in between the game developer and the player. Ultimately the revenue is earnt by subscription, purchase or rental of the flash games. But there is this problem that many browser based games which are available for free. This has made the online game business go down. Many sites have made it easily available without paying any penny. For example i love flash games so that is why i operate this website and i do not make a single penny out of it!

Another way to earn money is the ads. While playing obviously the player is attracted to the ads or the player can accidentally click on the ads. This kind of income might be less. But once your web based games get famous then the ads providers pay you more to give their ads on your game page. This can give more profits on long run. On the other hand the pre-loader ads can also be given. The players find the pre-loaders annoying and might avoid the games too. In the market survey, the analysts have reported that players have got used to the pre loader ads.

The developer of the games needs to develop the flash games proper license. The license is offered by the producers or sponsors. Another way to earn revenue from these games is by developing and releasing your games without intermediators. This gives you the complete money from the players. The only disadvantage in this method is insecurity.

Attract the player to your games by making it attractive. Attraction can be got by having good graphics, colorful, good music. Give a good name to the game such that it is also attractive enough to make the common people to try the game. Also the game must include the in game essentials like instructions; help to play the game, sound or music mute button, pausing button, restarting the game button, options to save the games etc.


Once the game the released, if the feedback is bad, then do not get ripped off. Try to upgrade the game and make it more interesting. Once it hits the public the game gives you the business. I hope you enjoy the reviews and links to flash games we publish!